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1) Payment Policy

* ONLY online payment and online booking is accepted. Payment is made in full prior to participating in a class. You may reach the person in charge at 012-9551055 Viki


Company Name: SLH Ventures (002714978-A)

Account No: 5147-2168-4409

* All classes must be pre-registered and fee paid in full (no credit card nor installment) prior to attendance to first class. 

* Non-refundable, non-extendable or non-transferable (from one student to another). There are no refunds on the purchase of any class series. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. 


* You are advised to arrive 10 minutes earlier before the lesson. Please be prompt for lesson. Lesson time will be forfeited due to tardiness and will not be replace. 


* Lesson may be cancelled due to "Lighting Risk Alert" as determined by the pool life guard, pool management and facilities management. No refunds will be given. 

* Lesson will be cancelled if Air Pollution Index (API) reading is above 150 in which you wont be able to make your online booking on the particular class. 

* Due to any unforeseen circumstances that are beyond Flexastic Fitness's control, lesson will be suspended/cancelled in which package no refund will be given and extension of validation of the package is not guarantee.  

Thank you for adhering to and understanding our need for company policies. We are available to discuss them at anytime with you if needed.

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