I pee when I laugh!!! How to deal with it?!

I pee when I laugh! Who is dealing with this same issue as me? Are you the one who shrugs and raises your hand?

Incontinence happens to everyone - NO BIG DEAL!!! This happens to both men and women; the pelvic floor is a group of muscles which we have forgotten about, and no one mentions it until there’s a problem. These muscles stretch across the bottom of the pelvis, from the vaginal/penis and rectal openings.

When I am in a rush to the toilet for a loo, I leak and can’t even control it in a second. I cannot laugh harder, it leaks again! I also cannot jump and run, it leaks too!!! I have to strengthen my pelvic floor if i am leaking. I do not want to wear any urinary incontinence pads - aka adult diapers. I am not that old!!!

What do we need to do then? Become aware of that area by thinking of how it feels if you’re holding on to break wind or "wee". Tighten up the muscles for 5 seconds, then relax them and let go. You can practice this anytime anywhere. By doing this regularly, you can work out where to target.

Starting with this simple daily program (have an empty bladder before you start). If there’s no improvement within six weeks, see a pelvic floor specialist.