How to Get Rid of Vertigo with Exercises and Home Remedies



Symptoms of Vertigo

 The common symptoms of vertigo include: 

  • False sense of spinning or moving.

  • Feelings of whirling, tilting or loss of balance.

  • Feeling of being pulled to one direction.


Home Treatments for Vertigo

  • # Epley Maneuver


#Half Somersault

# Brandt-Daroff


Treatment: Increase your vitamin D level






Treatment: Drink a cup of ginger tea 3 or 4 times a day


Treatment: Increase your intake of magnesium
Acupressure: # Governing Vessel Point (GV 26)


Acupressure: #Gall Bladder 20 and 21 (GB 20 and GB 21)


Treatments: Put 3% hydrogen peroxide in both ears



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