The benefit of Water Exercise

May 27, 2019

      Sometimes I encountered questions like "I am motivated to increase my physical activity, yet am unsure about what to do as a safe and comfortable choice." "I loved the water but didn't know how to swim well enough to do laps for exercise."






     Water is a safe exercise environment for people who have joint pain, like Annie (my client). Exercise in the pool has a less weight-bearing impact than land-based activity due to water's buoyancy, but the lower-body impact varies with depth, exercise type, and speed.



       How do I know the water level measurement while I am standing in the pool? Weight-bearing is about 35% for women and about 28% for men standing in water measured at the xiphoid level. Walking or jogging through the pool increases weight bearing to 25-75% of land impact depending on water depth and individual differences i.e. weight, body composition). Participants should find a depth where the lower-body impact is comfortable.


     What is AQUA ZUMBA? Aqua Zumba is an aquatic exercise but not an aquatic therapy. The class is divided into three segments: A warm-up, a series of choreographed dances and a cool down. Benefits of Aqua Zumba include (according to the Aqua Zumba certification textbook):

  • ·       Decreased psychological stress

  • ·       Decreased insomnia

  • ·       Increased basal metabolic rate due to increased muscular density

  • ·       Increased lung capacity

  • ·       Increased endorphin production

  • ·       Increased productivity and intellectual capacity

  • ·       Maintained bone density and elasticity

  • ·       Ensured protection against stressing the body

  • ·       Enhanced neuromuscular reactivity

  • ·       Stabilized blood pressure

  •         AQUA ZUMBA is FUN!!!!!



     We are having Aqua Zumba classes at The Club Bukit Utama, Petaling Jaya on every Monday at 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Please do not hesitate to email us via or you may book your slot via HERE!



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