Squat? Squat! SQUAT!!

Squats are awesome and especially if we have a sexy booty like Jennifer Lopez . Although the squat comes with a certain basic rules but there is no one fits all squat position. Why? It is because everyone’s body structure is different from each other. I might have a short legs and long torso; he might have a long torso but short legs. I might have stuck my butt out all the time. That’s the reason why your squat pose is different from others. No one need to be forced to squat a “perfect” way and there are always more than one ways to squat correctly according to the anatomy for the person.


Apart from that, what if my foot is a pair of flat feet (over pronation)?


Does it also affect my squat? The answer is YES. The knees will moving inward when he/she

is doing squat. Weak hips and over pronation of the feet do caused knee pain after squat exercise if the position is wrong and we should understand our body bone structure.


How to fix it?

The easier way is turn on the hips externally rotator and abductors helping to stabilize the knee, which mean the feet standing position will be in “V” shape, knee pointing onward. The other way is squat with resistance band. We use a resistance band around our knees while we are doing squat. We apply a force that would try to push the knee further out. Our body will fight to keep the knees pointing onward to correct the wrong pose during a squat.