Sometimes you prefer to work on your own to the get full benefit of our fully-qualified and experienced trainers' expertise. For PERSONAL TRAINING PACKAGE (Face to Face), Call Viki Soh 0129551055 for more information. Body weight training, strength training, running as well as stretching will be included in the training sessions.
1) Payment Policy

* Payment is accepted by cash transfer (Instant Transfer) via any Bank. Payment is made in full prior to participating in a class. 


Company Name: SLH Ventures (002714978-A)

Account No: 5147-2168-4409

* Fee shall be paid in full (no credit nor installment) prior to attendance to first training. Validation period is 60 months ad this is non-refundable, non-extendable or non-transferable (from one student to another).  

2) Appointment Policy

* WhatsApp Viki 012-9551055 

* All sessions are scheduled in advance. There is a 24 hours cancellation policy / No show charge policy - or without such notice, you will be charged in full for a scheduled session. Students must attend on time. 

3) Online One to One Training

* We can perform Online Fitness/Stretching Training via ZOOM. Prefer using PC/Laptop because the screen is large and it has clear vision.

* RM40.00 for 30-40 minutes per lesson. Visit to check your available slot or WhatsApp 0129551055 Viki for further discussion.

Thank you for adhering to and understanding our need for company policies. We are available to discuss them at anytime with you if needed.