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We offers Aquatic Fitness & Exercise Programs to help you live a healthy and active lifestyle. Check out the information below to get started in one of our classes today!

1) Aqua Zumba / Aqua Fitness 

The Aqua Zumba/Aqua Fitness program gives new meaning to the idea of an invigorating workout. Aqua Zumba fitness class kept us moving non-stop for the full 45-55 minutes, it provided a great low-impact cardio workout, with Latin-inspired moves that really focused on the muscles of the core combined with muscle strengthening exercises that worked both the upper and lower body for a fun, total-body routine.

Aqua Fitness is exercise with equipment such as Noodle, Water Dumbbells.

2) Yoga Stretching for Beginner

This Yoga Stretching class is focus on whole body to be stretch out and also for people who just want to become strong and flexible. It's offering a lot of advantages for your stretching and fitness practice. 

Book a first time trial 

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