Q: What do I wear? Do I have to wear a swimsuit?

A: You will be in the pool for the entire class. Of course a swimsuit is the best option, but there are aerobic clothes suitable for the water too.


Q: Do I have to get my hair wet or go under the water?

A: No, we do not immerse our heads in the water; however, there will be some splashing going on! If you do not want to get your hair wet, you may want to wear a hat or a bathing cap. You may want to invest in a pair of shoes designed for aqua fitness to avoid your feet slipping on the bottom of the pool while you exercise, however they are not required.

For Morning Session, please wear sunglasses if you wish to.






You may get a pair of anti-slip swim shoes and swim gloves at Decathlon or SportDirect. Or buy it from LAZADA

*Swim Webbed Gloves Paddle Training Frog 

*Sports Shoes Soft Beach Socks Anti-skid Quick Dry Breathable Wading Shoes 

Those shoes & gloves, if interest continue then only buy. Barefoot in swimming pool is NOT an issue.

Q: How deep is the water for the class?

A: You will be standing in water that is about rib-cage depth or under-arm depth (Chest level); this is the recommendation for the best Aqua Zumba® workout! Pool depth is 1.2m at The Club. 


Q: Will this be a “good” workout?

A: Most fitness classes are what you make it. Yes, the water does provide resistance. You will “feel”
your muscles working if you follow the directions.

Q: I can’t swim at all/or very well. Is this a problem?

A: You do not need to know how to swim, in fact there is no swimming involved at all! You need to
know how to stand and move in water that is about rib-cage to under-arm depth. There will be a
life-guard on the duty staff during the classes, to address your safety concerns.


Q: Is the instructor in the water?

A: No. The instructor will be standing on the pool deck teaching the class (sweltering in the heat, while you are in the nice cool water!). This is so that you can see the moves.


Q: Is the music the same as some of my other Zumba classes? And are the moves the same as my other Zumba classes?

A: Yes, the music is the same!!! The moves are not exactly the same, but very close though. We move slower in the water due to the resistance. Think of water ballet (Latin inspired) with some fitness moves like kicks and jogging!

Q. How long is the class? 

A: 45-60 minutes 


Q. Since we are in the pool, do I have to bring a water bottle? 

A: Exercise in water can cause dehydration. Bring water to class and drink as many times as you need them.


Q. What if some of the moves are too difficult for me? 

A: Do only what’s comfortable and appropriate for you in class but most of all make sure you have fun! 


Q. Do I need to pay?

A: Yes. Please visit https://bookingschedules.as.me/AquaticWalkIn to reserve your booking slot before you proceed for payment (Instant Transfer). We prefer online payment. Cash payment is also accepted- exact amount only please.

Maybank 5147-2168-4409 | Company Name: SLH VENTURES


Q. I love the class after I have tried it. What’s next? 

A: Thank you for loving Aqua Zumba class. Because you have already filled up your information for the first time trial, you may proceed to make payment of (Instant Transfer) amount RM250.00 (10 sessions) to Maybank 5147-2168-4409 | SLH VENTURES and then attached the bank in slip to 0129551055 (Viki Soh) with your full name. Then, you will be receiving a Group Class Link where you can make your booking in the future.

Q. Can I able to reschedule my booking? 

A: Yes. You can reschedule your booking via the previous email you have received.

Q. Do I have to inform you each time I attend the class? 

A: If you have made your booking online via the Group Class Link then you do not need to inform us all the time. We will received your attendance confirmation via email and also you can view your booking records too.


Q. As I am travelling quite frequently, do my 10 sessions have a time limitation?


Q. What if something happens and I need to cancel the class. Can I have replacement?

A: No replacement class.

Q. I have some concern, i.e. arthritis, Fibromygalira etc. Is it safe for me to do it? 

A: We recommend you stand near to the pool side. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable, please stop
and raise up your hand. Our people will approach you for immediate assistance

Q. It is around prayer time. Is there a Surau at The Club Bukit Utama, Petaling Jaya?

A: Yes. Female surau is located at B1 basement car park which close to the reception.

Q. Can I do Aqua Zumba when I am menstruating?

A: Sure. Just wear a tampon or menstrual cup and you will be fined.

Q. I am not a Club Member, am I still able to join the class?

A: Sure you can. This is open to public. Reservation at https://bookingschedules.as.me/AquaticWalkIn

Q. How much for the trial class?

A: Walk-In is RM30.00 and as for a package 

    10 sessions is RM250.00

Q. Where is the location?

A: The Club Bukit Utama Petaling Jaya Malaysia

Q. What about other days or other places?

A: The Club Bukit Utama Petaling Jaya Malaysia